Marrakesh Treaty

What is the Marrakesh Treaty?

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Is a copyright and human rights treaty promoted by the World Blind UnionWeb externa and negotiated within the World Intellectual Property OrganizationWeb externa, adopted in 2013 and in force in the European Union since 1st January 2019, to facilitate access to published works for the beneficiaries of the Treaty, persons who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print disabled.

This agreement allows the authorised entities to exchange books in accessible formats with each other, to provide them to the beneficiaries and that is for their personal, exclusive and non-profit uses. Provided that their countries are part to the treaty and have incorporated their terms into their national legislation.

The main objective of the Treaty is to help reduce the “book famine” that suffer the approximately 300 million blind or visually impaired people in the world that can’t access on a regular basis to published works because they are not in accessible formats.

Is the ONCE an authorised entity?

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Yes. The ONCE Web externahas been an active part in the promotion and the signing of the Marrakesh Treaty by the European Union; through its Bibliographic Service (SBO)Web externa, it has the mission of providing access to reading, non-profit, to blind or visually impaired people affiliated to the ONCE, thereby fulfilling the requirements of the legislation to be considered an Authorised Entity. This status has been recognised specifically by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. This way, the ONCE can request and share works in accessible formats produced by other authorised entities at both national and international level

Who can request a book?

The free access to works in accessible formats available on the website requires a prior verification made by the ONCE to determine if the requesting organisation has the condition of authorised entity according to the Art. 2.c) of the Marrakesh Treaty and the Art. 31 ter of the Spanish Intellectual Property law

How can I do it?

The authorised entity must send to the email address , of the Bibliographic Service of the ONCE, the following documentation:

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  • Articles of association or founding act of the requesting entity.
  • Details of the inscription in the competent public register.
  • Tax identification number or equivalent document.
  • Express consent for collection and processing of personal data signed by the representative of the entity
  • Official record supporting the Authorised Entity status

The ONCE will be able to ask for any other documentation that, in its judgement, could be necessary to prove the requester condition of authorised entity. After which, a username and password to register and access marrakech.once.esWeb externa website will be provided. 

How can I benefit from outside Spain?

Any person living in a country that has acceded to the Marrakesh TreatyWeb externa, having the condition of beneficiary according to the treaty, can ask the entity, association or organization to which belongs to contact the ONCE Bibliographic Service to make requests for works in an accessible format.

How can I benefit if I am already an ONCE affiliate?

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As before, if an affiliated person wants to enjoy a work published in another country and in any language, can ask for it to the Bibliographic Service. Before beginning its adaptation, the Bibliographic Service will check the collections of other authorised entities in case it was already adapted. In that case, it will request it through the Marrakesh Treaty system. In any case, the works adapted by the ONCE and the works obtained via Marrakesh Treaty from other authorised entities will be made available to any affiliate through the Digital Library (BDO).

What if I have questions or doubts?

The Bibliographic Service of the ONCE, on its commitment to facilitate and promote this collaboration, has made available an Office to manage the exchanging system of works in an accessible format from the Marrakesh Treaty where you can direct any question:

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Phone.: +34 91 589 42 55
Schedules: 09:00 - 14:00 and 15:00 - 17:00 CEST

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