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: TifloInnova 2020, Everybody’s vision

Nov 04, 2019

We are working to make that, from June 19 to 21, blind and visually impaired people, their families and professionals involved in the world of disability and integration meet in a unique space where they will be able to share interests and experiences, create knowledge, discover useful solutions to their real needs and enjoy an extensive program of educational and recreational activities around support products and technologies for accessibility.

: World Blindness Summit Madrid 2020

Nov 04, 2019

In the world there are more than 285 million people with visual disabilities, and at World Blindness Summit Madrid 2020 the main associations of more than 190 participating countries will meet in a single assembly led by the World Blind Union, ICEVI and the ONCE Social Group, host for this macro event that will make the city of Madrid the capital of blind people around the world and an example of accessible and inclusive city.

Madrid, capital of blind people around the world in 2020

: Come and visit the Museum for the blind, the museum you can touch and see.

Nov 04, 2019

The ONCE has a museum in Madrid that you might not know and will amaze you. It is the “Museum for the Blind”, with free access and open to everyone, equipped with paintings, sculptures and architectural pieces that you can touch and identify without seeing, blindly.
This cultural space, that also offers virtual tours, aims to bring art and the history’s greatest masterpieces to blind and visually impaired people by letting them experience the Wonders of the World, or the most iconic cathedrals and palaces in our country.
In addition, you can find temporary exhibitions from blind and visually impaired artists as well as a highly recommended collection of very old braille materials, different models of typewriters, records and archives from the past related to visual disabilites...

Group visits, additional information, etc. available in the homeage Museo Tiflológico de la ONCEAbre Web externa en ventana nueva.


: EDICO upgrades for Statics and Financial Mathematics

Nov 04, 2019

ONCE-EDICO is a scientific editing software that enables a blind or visually impaired person to nimbly follow a maths class with full autonomy. Thanks to its recent upgrade that offers new major functionalities, it is also fully compatible with Statistics and Financial Mathematics. This allows students to get real-time interaction with these scientific disciplines as their sighted peers do in the classroom, with them or with their teachers.
More than 1.400 students in Spain use EDICO at present and that is why this upgrade is so significant. This project has been delivered to meet the needs posed by many blind students in order to easily follow their Maths lessons. Developed by the Complutense University of Madrid in collaboration with the ONCE, this educational tool is intended to achieve full inclusion and integration of blind students in mainstream classrooms and in equal learning conditions to non-visually impaired people.
Ask about EDICO at ONCE Centre of Assisitve Technology and Innovation (CTI).