Blind Explorer

Logo Blind Explorer

Blind Explorer is a free and accessible mobile App that facilitates the mobility of visually impaired people in the outdoors. Based on a sensory guidance system, using 3D sounds, people can follow pre-recorded routes that include information on specific points of the route or points of interest in the area. Available on Android and iOS, it already includes routes such as the French Way to Santiago, green paths, rural routes, urban parks, etc.

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Company: Geko Navsat

Country: Spain 



Logo Navilens

NaviLens Vision 360 degrees, maximum precision routes using sonified augmented reality.

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Company: Nuevos Sistemas Tecnológicos, S.L.

Country: Spain 




A playful resource for the learning of Braille reading and writing. It is a link and a reference in shared play, and an enhancer for the development of tactile memory in a simple and fun way.

Company: Braiduco

Country: Spain

GoodMaps Explore


GoodMaps Explore is an accessible mapping data app, for both indoors and outdoors, to help visually impaired people to navigate safely and with high location accuracy, which is particularly effective for indoors. This seamless navigation allows users to enjoy routine hassle-free trip experiences.

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Company: GoodMaps

Country: United States