Ambutech Inc. Supplier of canes and accessories for orientation and mobility of different designs and colours, to meet their users’ needs and preferences. Canada Folding, rigid and telescopic canes made from aluminum, graphite or fiberglass, with a wide choice of tips. Full line of cane accessories. 15
BIEL GLASSES Smart glasses that solve mobility issues and improve autonomy of the visually impaired. Spain BIEL SMARTGAZE are smart glasses that use artificial intelligence and 3D vision to understand reality, and mixed reality to adapt it to the remaining visual capacity of users, allowing them to perceive obstacles and other mobility risks by means of accessible graphic indications. It also includes zoom in/out, double image to adapt the visual field, glare and night blindness corrections, to help people with low vision to overcome every situation. 10
BlindShell BlindShell is a Czech technology company that develops mobile phones for visually impaired people worldwide. BlindShell phones are accessible mobile phones for visually impaired and blind people, with a physical keyboard and more than 30 applications and functions, integrating the useful functions of a smartphone into a simple and easy-to-use phone. Czech Republic BlindShell Classic 2: new generation of the BlindShell Classic that offers physical keypad, voice control and speakerphone, making it a suitable phone for the visually impaired. Now with WhatsApp, BlindShell app catalogue with many optional features, internet browser and assistive tools such as colour sensor and NFC object tagging, useful but easy to use features. 7
Bones AG Switzerland Bones develops products for visually impaired and deaf-blind users; they design and market audio players and portable digital assistants. Switzerland Audio Players Milestone 312 ACE WiFi, Milestone 312 ACE, Milestone 212 ACE, Milestone 112 ACE, deaf-blind alarm clock “Helen”. 14
BRAILLO / AMERICAN THERMOFORM Braillo is a manufacturer of high speed production braille embossers. Braillo has been serving businesses, governments, educational institutions and more since 1980. Since 1962, American Thermoform has been a world-wide leader in the production and distribution of braille products and supplies for the blind and visually impaired. Norway Braillo braille embossers and tactile graphics machines. 18
Comde-Derenda GmbH Comde-Derenda GmbH has over 20 years of experience in the development and production of white canes for blind or visually impaired people. Customer feedback and cooperation with organizations and experts, such as orientation and mobility trainings, are important factors for our production and innovation process. Our white canes and cane tips are manufactured by hand in Germany and Switzerland. Germany Telefolding and telescopic white canes. Roller and rigid tips for white canes. Children's white canes 17
CTI ONCE Center responsible for the adaptation and accessibility of the latest technologies as well as for providing people with blindness or visual impairment with technical resources necessary to achieve their full social, educational and employment inclusion. Spain Educational materials (writing instruments, calculators, etc.), household products, watches, canes and accessories for orientation and mobility, games. 27
CTI-Alexa A dedicated space promoting the multiple uses of Alexa in the daily life of a visually impaired person. This stand will allow visitors to see and try out different devices compatible with this assistant. Spain Different models of smart speakers, Fire Stick TV and some smart home solutions. 23
CTI-Innovación A place dedicated to show the work of the Consulting and Innovation area of the CTI: 3D designs to see through your touch, accessible developments and evaluation of applications, websites and specific devices. Spain Introduction of the new "Gold for PC" application, which will soon be available to the public. Dactyls App (iOS, Android), developed as part of the project that has been awarded the Queen Letizia 2021 Prize in the "Accessible Technology" category. Apps developed by the CTI: Gold, Apolo, REMO, Light Detector, Colour Identifier, etc. Different relief and 3D prototypes developed by the design area. 22
eLearning Media eLearning Media offers a proven technology and services to achieve the best online learning experience, with solutions that create a true digital online training ecosystem, meeting the specific needs of your educational institution. Spain Blackboard Ally allows you to automatically make an online course content more accessible to students, by analysing materials uploaded by the teacher according to current international accessibility standards, providing suggestions for improvement, building inclusive learning environments, and enhancing students' learning experience. 6
Fundación ONCE The ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities represents an instrument of cooperation and solidarity of Spanish blind individuals toward other groups of people with disabilities for the improvement of their living conditions. Spain In the ONCE Foundation's space in TifloInnova, participants can discover technological projects such as: a robot that will provide assistance to people with disabilities in transport facilities and shopping centres; a website about video games and accessibility; a platform to develop inclusive meetings in face-to-face, virtual or mixed format. 20
Grupo ACCEDO The ONCE Digital Educational Content Accessibility Working Group (ACCEDO Group) is involved in research, training, counselling and promotion of the importance of the use of technology by visually impaired students from an early age, and the need for accessibility of digital content at any educational phase. Spain Devices, applications and accessibility solutions for digital educational content, to include visually impaired students at any educational phase. 21
Hable One Dutch start-up developer of accessible technology applied to mobiles and aimed at people with blindness or visual impairment. Its objective is to promote adaptation to the technological field through the development of assistance devices and applications and with all this, to facilitate the same opportunities available to everyone and optimize access to all the information that contributes to a more independent life. Netherlands The Hable One is a braille keyboard with a user-friendly design for smartphones and tablets, which works with Voiceover and Talkback. The Hable One provides accurate writing, navigation with shortcuts or simple movements, excellent portability, and access privately to your phone. 13
HumanWare Focused developer of assistive solutions to enable blind and visually impaired persons to live autonomously through technology. United Kingdom BRAILLENOTE Touch tablet and note taker. REVEAL 16i magnifier. EXPLORE 12 magnifier. EXPLORE 8 magnifier. EXPLORE 5 magnifier. CONNECT 12 magnifier. BRAILLIANT 40X braille display. BRAILLIANT 20X braille display. VICTOR READER STREAM media player. HARK READER text reader. 19
ILUNION Accesibilidad ILUNION Accesibilidad is a company that operates in the accessibility market in all environments, promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in their workplace and maintaining a balance between economic and social objectives. Spain Development of accessible websites and apps. Audit and consultancy on accessibility in ICT and physical environments. Subtitling, audio description and Braille transcription services. Indoor and outdoor signage. Sound-signalling systems for traffic lights. Technological improvements for the localisation and orientation of people with disabilities in physical environments. 26
Index Braille Index Braille develops, produce and support medium and high-speed double-sided braille printers for tractor-fed paper, as well as for single-sheet feed. Sweden Index Everest-D V5 is a doubled-sided braille printer, for cut-sheet paper with a printing production of 140 characters per second. The BrailleApp is a web application for printer management, edition of braille layout, remote support and printing of standard text documents. 2
KERO More than 15 years providing service to people with visual impairment. The company collaborates with associations for the blind to design quality products adapted to make everyday life easier for people with blindness or vision impairment. Spain Talking watches, tactile watches, bathroom scales, kitchen scales, light indicator, globe, label reader, calculator, kitchen timer, stopwatch, easy-to-see watches, vibrating watches, sock sorting discs. 11
Navilens Spanish developer of accessible signage, which can be scanned with a mobile phone camera. NaviLens codes provide visually impaired people with the necessary contextualized information to be autonomous in unfamiliar scenes and built inclusive day-to-day environments. Spain NAVILENS CODES: accessible signage produced of highly resistant material and designed to provide accessibility in environments, such as transport and public places. Moreover, the implementation in shops or supermarkets eases the product choice and supplies a satisfying shopping experience. MAGNET CODES: allows users to easily locate all information related to public transport. VISION 360 CODES: new feature to enable the recording and tracking of routes. 12
OVERFLOW BIZ, INC Overflow is based in Seoul, and they develop and distribute assistive technology products and solutions for the visually impaired since 2017. They focus on creating products which are practical, effective, and affordable for the visually impaired. The solutions are developed by their visually impaired engineers with expertise in the assistive technology field. South Korea VERSA SLATE: the Versa Slate is a braille slate that is paperless and erasable. It works just like a regular slate and stylus, but without paper. It features 4 rows of 20 cells each, and a magnetic stylus. FLOWY: Flowy is a low vision solution that provides real time screen sharing service, as well as video magnifier features for the low vision. Flowy is working on iOS, Android, Windows 10, And Mac OS. 4
SENSEE INC Sensee aims to create a world where the visually impaired and sighted can benefit together from fulfilling activities, such as reading, providing inclusive alternatives for the blind or low vision people to handle essential situations. South Korea Braille Content: Braille Book, Coloring Book, etc. Education Tools: Braille Learning Kit, etc. Digital Experience: Digital devices and platform. 8
Servicio Bibliográfico ONCE - SBO The ONCE Bibliographic Service is responsible for adapting in Braille, in relief and in audio, all the texts needed by people affiliated to the Institution, always prioritising those requests aimed at promoting educational or occupational inclusion. Spain Multi-format stories in ink and Braille, with textured relief plates. 3D elements that we can relate to literature. Production process of relief maps. EBrai transcription software and Braille Viewer reading software. 24
Thinkable Thinkable develops innovative products and services to create tactile graphics, providing access to information for visually impaired users. Netherlands TACTILEVIEW: versatile editing software for tactile diagrams. TACTIPAD: drawing board to create your very own tactile graphics. GRAPHGRID: supplement of the TactiPad for creating a.o. maths and games. CIRCLEFRAME: supplement of the TactiPad, to create diagrams, clock, geometric forms and art. MDA: Motorized Drawing Arm allows to plot automatically your own design on the TactiPad. 3
Unidad de Braille - CBE The Spanish Braille Commission (CBE) is a branch of ONCE which holds the highest authority in Spain for setting standards for the use and development of the Braille reading and writing system. Spain Samples of products labelled in Braille, relief maps and manipulative materials (stories, games) created using the method developed by ONCE for children's Braille learning process: BRAITICO. 25
VISPERO VISPERO is an international developer and distributor of accessibility solutions, both hardware and software, for the visually impaired, whose pledge is to provide innovating solutions to develop independent lives through easing access to academic education and professional careers. Netherlands Screen reader JAWS and screen magnifier ZoomText. Openbook scanning and reading software. ONYX, TOPAZ and MERLIN video magnifier. In addition to TRANSFORMER portable magnifiers, RUBY handheld magnifier and ClearReader scan-and-read device. Focus braille displays. 1
ZYCHEM LIMITED Uk manufacturer of the swell paper Zytex2 for producing tactile diagrams for education of blind people, by using one of their Zyfuse heater. United Kingdom ZYTEX2 swell paper and the ZY®-FUSE Heater, allowing the customer to produce simple but clear and effective raised images which can be read by a blind or visually impaired person. 5