Date: Nov 04, 2019

In the world there are more than 285 million people with visual disabilities, and at World Blindness Summit Madrid 2020 the main associations of more than 190 participating countries will meet in a single assembly led by the World Blind Union, ICEVI and the ONCE Social Group, host for this macro event that will make the city of Madrid the capital of blind people around the world and an example of accessible and inclusive city.

Madrid, capital of blind people around the world in 2020

World Blindness Summit Madrid 2020  is a global meeting organized in Spain by ONCE Social Group. Its epicenter will be the Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center in Madrid, and will occupy other spaces of the city in a massive citizen participation event, since it will be open to the whole Spanish society through administrations, companies, volunteers, collaborators, media ...

More than 1,500 blind and severely visually impaired people from more than 190 countries around the world will meet at World Blindness Summit Madrid 2020 to share experiences, analyze achievements, set priorities, visibility strategies and, above all, promote everything that Contributes to realize a main objective: Create a new vision of blindness, ensure that these people can participate fully in any aspect of vital development.