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Issue 69
December 2016

The download links refer to the text of the articles as published in Spanish.





E. Peláez Rivera

An assessment of the results of an 8-week group mindfulness programme shows that this type of assistance can improve the adjustment and alleviate the suffering of people with severe and progressive visual impairment.


From the field

P. Basterrechea Estella, L. Martínez Jiménez, M. Prunera Ramón

The use in long-cane training of adapted glasses that block the lower visual field while leaving the central area intact breaks the habit of looking at the ground and optimises tactile development for a more global perception of the surrounds.

M. Segura Schulz, J. Blanco Ponce, C. Álvarez-Castellanos

Collaborative and personalised care combined various communication skills and personal independence training to help a deafblind woman whose inability to communicate had led to severe social isolation. The outcome was a higher quality of life and full inclusion in her family and surrounding society.


Notes and comments

E. Montes López


M. Abel-Williamson
In August 2016 the World Blind Union (WBU) approved an expert paper drafted by Martine Abel-Williamson that defines the Union’s position on the accessibility requirements that should be met by shared spaces, as described in this note.


Reprinted in Spanish

W. Jo, J.H. I, R.N. Harianto, J.H. So, H. Lee, H.J. Lee, M.W. Moon

Three-dimensional printing in classrooms provides for the convenient, economic and personalised production of supplementary teaching materials that enhance the comprehension of students with visual disability and enable their teachers to better explain and describe graphic contents and materials.

P. Grant, L. Spencer, A. Arnoldussen, R. Hogle, A. Nau, J. Szlyk, J. Nussdorf, D. Fletcher, K. Gordon, W. Seiple
BrainPort is a non-surgical, non-invasive electronic vision aid approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. It translates images captured by a wearable digital camera into gentle electro-tactile stimulation patterns on the surface of the tongue.

Conference report

M. Á. Lafuente de Frutos

Seville (Spain), 16-17 November 2016