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Number 62
March 2013

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Research Report


ICT tools motivate pupils, help them learn Braille, enhance their independence and self-esteem and shorten study sessions.


From the field

P. Miró Gómez

An adapted graphics tablet improves pupil accessibility to printed school materials and optimises the time devoted by teaching staff to preparing curricular materials.

A. Herranz Tardón, M.ª D. Holgado López, C. Marín Palomino

Learning to read and write calls for supplementary materials to further motivating and creative experiences that reinforce the cognitive aspects of tactile exploration.  

I. Vecilla Rodrigo

Joint reading through stories with relief pictures and printed text constitutes an ideal activity for reinforcing classroom inclusion, while providing teachers with a variety of resources that can be shared by all their pupils.  

D. Raifur Rossi

Inclusive teaching of geography calls not only for adapted materials, but also for specific methodology to address all pupils' multi-sensory needs, thereby improving classroom integration.


In Practice

A. Blanco Rodríguez, D. Huguet Mora

The «goalball folder» is a valuable resource for teaching physical education through the practice of inclusive sport.


Reprinted in Spanish

L. Deverell

The premise underlying the O&M scale is that the higher cognitive and participatory levels involved in travel due to increasingly complex interaction with the environment require changes in the prediction factors used in mobility instruction.


Conference Reports

E. Gastón López

Bangkok (Thailand), 10-18 November 2012


Á. Lafuente de Frutos

Madrid (Spain), 22-23 November 2012


I. Vecilla Rodrigo, E. Gastón López, F. Martín García-Maroto
Cartagena (Spain), 18-20 October 2012