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Number 61
September-December 2011

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J. A. Muñoz Sevilla, C. Blocona Santos

HaptiMap (Haptic, Audio and Visual Interfaces for Maps and Location Based Services) is a Europe-wide project designed to provide development tools that will enable the industry to optimise global positioning systems. The ONCE participated in various development and test phases.



M. A. Martín Salinas, in conjunction with M. J. Bellón Fernández, R. M. Lagrava Alcañiz, A. Rabinal Peña and M. Á. Casanova Clavería

This survey of municipal bus transportation in Zaragoza revealed substantial shortcomings in the application of accessibility legislation and identified an urgent need to enforce the legal provisions in effect.


From the field

P. Martín Andrade

The time and space devoted to school recreation provide an excellent opportunity to reinforce social and educational inclusion for all pupils, as this experience shows.


P. Mugiro Sorabilla, T. Azpiroz Aldaz, O. Urroz Goicoechea

Plan view drawings made in conjunction with students favoured the acquisition of skills defined in the school curriculum, enhanced pupils' command of the school layout and reinforced the personal independence of pupils with visual disabilities.

Á. Lafuente de Frutos
Mekanta, a tool to teach children to use a computer keyboard correctly, is accessible for and adapted to the needs of pupils with visual disabilities, enabling them to learn all the skills set out in the official school curriculum.
A. Barreda Niño, F. López Montellano, C. Mallo Robles, A. G. Molina Riazuelo, C. Sanz Moreno
Audio conferencing and remote data transmission enhance continuing education in all cooperative environments.
C. Mallo Robles, F. Carrascosa Sanz
Cross-curricular learning, in this case involving Biology and Information Technology and applied to sound capture and editing is a highly useful resource for secondary school students.

In Practice

F. Carrascosa Sanz

Trekking along accessible environmental trails with secondary school students, a practice in place for over ten years at the ONCE's educational resource centre at Madrid, is an integrating experience that improves participants' motivation.


Reprinted in Spanish

M. Tobin, E. Hill

It is important to have reliable tests that allow us to compare the achievements of children who are blind not only with that of children who are fully sighted but also with other children who are visually impaired.


Meeting Report

P. Castejón Valero, M. Á. Matey García

Palmerston North (New Zealand), 13-16 February 2012.



Book Review