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Social Well-being

"The Organization promotes a volunteer plan at all of its centers"

The ONCE offers a wide range of assistance programs and benefits to ensure the social well-being of its members. The Organization is involved in different programs intended to improve well-being, such as providing essential needs in the home or the tele-assistance service to meet the needs of those blind persons living alone.

The ONCE, concerned about its seniors and retirees, organizes “Social Vacations” every year, and “Summer Camps” for the little ones. Free time, leisure activities and enjoying nature are essential aspects of modern society, and as such can have positive effects on the integration of persons with visual impairments.

The Organization promotes a volunteer plan at all of its centers. The ONCE Volunteer Service has five activity programs: accompaniment, access to information, cultural/recreational, sports and professional experience (which consists of using another member’s professional background to facilitate another interested member’s access to a job program).

Each year hundreds of people of every age selflessly volunteer to offer various services. On average, some 17,000 such services are performed every year by over 1,300 volunteers.