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Educational inclusion

The ONCE supports an inclusive educational model for child members, boys and girls studying in schools in Spain. Ninety-eight percent of them, or nearly 7,500 visually-impaired students, are getting a normal education in ordinary schools all around the country.

These young members also have almost 500 dedicated ONCE professionals at their disposal to help them with their learning and to provide them with the material they need to take part in classroom activities. We also help their teachers, classmates and families so that everyone can be involved in the learning process.

Specialized learning for children with visual disabilities is provided in five ONCE centers, located in Madrid, Barcelona, Pontevedra, Seville and Alicante. These are the so-called Educational Resource Centers (CRE in Spanish) where non-structured instruction courses are given, depending on labor market demands, and/or specialized skills are taught to deaf and blind children.

Courses in Braille, using adapted computer equipment, study techniques, orientation and mobility, social skills and the like are some of the specific subjects that are taught to students with visual disabilities.