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Job training

Career development is not only indispensable; for people with disabilities, it provides a way to integrate with society, an goal littered with obstacles in which proper training is essential. Hence the ONCE’s dual purpose: to highlight the importance of training and to obtain commitments from social agencies involved in the business world.

The main source of jobs for the visually impaired is the sale of the Cupón and other games of chance sold by the ONCE. There are many other blind professionals, however, who are perfectly capable of doing other jobs: lawyers, economists, interpreters, musicians, psychologists, reporters, teachers, IT specialists… all of them looking for a chance to prove their worth.

The ONCE provides Career Training by organizing and teaching specific courses on topics such as Telephony and Telemarketing, Computerized Stenography, Computer Network Management, etc. It also offers financial aid and grants for the courses, the training and to recycle and adapt computer equipment.

The ONCE also has a University School of Physiotherapy, a center attached to the Autonomous University of Madrid and which produces dozens of physiotherapy specialists each year. People with visual disabilities excel in this profession both as public and private care providers and have attained a level of prestige that is acknowledged by everyone in the field.
Hundreds of professionals are working in fields as diverse as teaching, healthcare, communications, law, music and administration.

In addition, the ONCE, as a social agent that provides employment, has created 16,000 new jobs and engaged in 32,000 training activities for people with disabilities between 2004 and 2011, all as part of a commitment made to the central government.