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Blindness prevention

Eliminating preventable blindness around the world by 2020 is the goal of the global “2020 Vision” campaign.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, in concert with a coalition of interested organizations like the ONCE, are promoting activities and workshops to shine a spotlight on blindness, visual impairment and the rehabilitation of people with serious visual problems.

According to the WHO, “between one and two million new cases of blindness are detected every year, despite 80% of them being preventable and treatable”. Adequate prevention would mitigate many of the eye-related problems that plague the planet’s most disadvantaged countries.

There are about 161 million visually disabled people in the world, of whom 40 million are completely blind.

In addition to the cooperation between the ONCE and national and international organizations to fight preventable blindness, the ONCE is also financing university research projects on issues involving ophthalmic pathologies.

And, always on the lookout for new scientific advances, the ONCE provides a Genetic Screening service for those members with a hereditary or congenital visual pathology.