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International representation

International representation

The ONCE has one of the members most committed to the creation, growth and operation of the WBU (World Blind Union). On a European level, the ONCE has been similarly prominent in the EBU(European Blind Union) and its notable social efforts.

The ONCE also contributed to the creation and development of the Latin American Blind Union (ULAC), which represents a region of the world that has obvious historical, linguistic and cultural ties to Spain.

The ONCE Cooperation Fund for Latin America was created in 1985 to oversee financial aid packages. In 1998 this Fund became FOAL (Once Foundation for Solidarity with Blind People in Latin America), which provides systematized cooperation in the areas of training and job creation and represents almost five million blind and visually impaired people on the continent.

Also significant is the ONCE’s contribution to leading organizations that represent the interests of disabled people in general, such as the European Disability Forum.

International educational efforts
International job placement efforts