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International job placement efforts

International job placement efforts

"The main instrument for social integration and normalization is work"

The main instrument for social integration and normalization is work. A product of this conviction is the ONCE’s intense efforts to ensure that, through public policies and also with the commitment of the private sector, the right to employment becomes a real possibility for disabled persons. The results achieved in Spain and Europe have been significant, but many international cooperation projects are still underway in developing countries that have yet to attain their full potential in this area.
Portugal is worth a special mention. Despite being a developed country, it has been the subject of cooperation in concert with ACAPO, the Portuguese organization for the blind.

The ONCE has taken on social commitments in other fields as well, namely in new technologies, culture and sports.

The ONCE is a constant advocate for the right to access the new information technologies, which have become central to many aspects of modern life. Of note is the ONCE’s participation in the World Wide Web Consortium’s efforts to provide accessibility to webpages (W3C, www.w3c.es).
In the cultural domain, the ONCE’s contributions to the creation and operation of the DAISY International Consortium (www daisy.org) have been instrumental to the design and implementation of a universal digital audio reading format.
International Sports: Both the ONCE and its Foundation (www.fundaciononce.es) firmly support the Spanish Paralympic Committee (http://paralimpicos.sportec.es), as well as its European (EPC) and International (IPC) counterparts.


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