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Membership of the ONCE

"Every year the Organization welcomes nearly 4,000 new members"

Interested persons meeting the following conditions can apply for membership in the ONCE:

  •  Spanish citizenship.
  •  At least one of the following visual conditions in both eyes:
     - Best corrected visual acuity equal to or less than 0.1 (1/10 on the Wecker scale).
    - Visual field of 10 degrees or less.

Membership means becoming a part of the Institution, assuming the rights and responsibilities listed in its Statutes. It also means having access to all of the specialized social services (rehabilitation, educational assistance, employment, cultural activities, etc.) and the possibility of working as a Cupón sales agent or in any other job within the Organization for which the individual is qualified.

Every year the Organization welcomes nearly 4,000 new members. Currently, 20.78% of our members are completely blind, while 79.22% have a serious visual impairment.